Sunday, April 24, 2016

There's no place like home!

They got to the airport VERY early this morning (The London Marathon was today, and it was either leave early, or not at all!)

Oh, The Lines

Ciao Claudia!!!
....until the next time - You are an amazing tour consultant 
and a great friend!

Waiting at the gate

at last check, they have boarded the plane, 
and are homeward bound.

What a trip!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hogwarts, Hyde Park, Packing........

The group were up and at 'em early today 
and headed to the cherry on the top of the tour -
The Warner Brothers Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter
(not sure who was more excited, the kids or the adults........)


The borrowed Hagrid's ride!

A little bit of a choice at Olivander's Wand Shoppe!

If your going to get called to the Principal's office, 
at least he has a good decorator!

Steer clear of the Whomping Willow!

Paying the Dursley's a visit! at 4 Privet Drive

Ready to board the Hogwart's Express

Don't worry Mrs. Maher - they won't lock you in there...
Although, it might be bigger than your office at WHHS.

Incredible sights at the studio tour

Before the Duel

The Duel!

The Victors are Claudia and Jay - The Evil JJ is Slain!

Sharing a Butter Beer!

Back in London and apparently some posh shopping

Yes, they bought matching jackets........

   Then a couple hours in Hyde Park

Chinese dinner at Pong Pong

After dinner, back to the hotel and PACKING!

Tomorrow we get them back...I know they had a fun time, 
but now we want them back!
(I know I do......!)

Friday, April 22, 2016

.........Happy birthday dear Shakespeare, Happy birthday to you!

Full day tour of Stratford -upon-Avon

A visit to William Shakespeare's birthplace

Ann Hathaway's cottage

Ready to Climb the Shakespeare

A little reminiscing - Drowsy Style!

Hanging inside to dodge the rain assault

Back in London

Dodging the rain on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral (location of the wedding of Charles and Diana)

Fish and Chips from The Chippy Shop!

In true shakespearean style
"If music be ...

Play 'on!

Tomorrow - Bewitched by Harry Potter

Thursday, April 21, 2016

WAIT!........Was that Queen Elizabeth???????

Good Morning....Tea, anyone?

What a day!  Up early and on the bus for a trip to Windsor and they stumbled upon a bit of a surprise.  Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday!

The tiny town of Windsor was taken over by over 50,000 people to get a glimpse of her Majesty

The Standard is flying....She's home!

Guard are at the ready!

Gardens are manicured!

So they toured the grounds

...and St. George's Chapel


Then it was time to possibly catch a glimpse of QEII herself

There's her Bentley.......There's Prince Philip!, she is sitting right next to him!

So, we continued to enjoy the beautiful town of Windsor before leaving for the Tower of London

The Tower of London - Home of the Crown Jewels

The famed Tower Bridge can be seen from the Tower of London
(often mistaken for the London Bridge, which can now be found in Lake Havasu, Arizona)

The famed Long Walk to Windsor Castle 
(Rumor has it President Obama will use this Rod to visit QEII tomorrow!)

Seasoned travelers 

What a great surprise Mrs. Maher received! Minutes after she took the pic above on the metro, she heard, "Where is Mrs Maher????" 
She looked up to see this gorgeous alum, Kesenia Rogoulina smiling at her! She's an alum studying abroad and saw kids wearing our tour jackets!!!! 
She had a great reunion with Claudia as well! She travelled with us to Italy in 2012


Stephen seemed to master the sticks..............

Tonight's show in the West End - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

On to Shakespeare's Birthplace tomorrow!

Another Birthday Party!