Monday, April 18, 2016


And they hit the ground running 
                                                                                                                 ........(OK, walking miles and miles)  

Mrs. Maher says Paris is not the City of Lights, its the City of Stairs!

After arriving at Charles DeGaulle airport the group proceeded through customs and immigration (Yes, they all still have their passports!)

They met the amazing Claudia (the honorary Westie tour guide), piled onto their bus and started their whirlwind tour of Paris.

The group started with a tour of Notre Dame Cathedral

Then they walked over to the Latin Quarter, the neighborhood of the world renowned Sorbonne. It is called the Latin Quarter because back in the day professors and students will talk to one another in the Latin! 

Now it's full of shops and restaurants so they were given an hour of free time to find places to eat. 

After that they took the metro over to the amazing Eiffel Tower!  They walked around and took some pictures of the icon of Paris.
Impromptu accordian serenade

Westie straphangers

some CABARET choreo from Don't Tell Mama

They then walked over to the Seine and got on the boat for a Seine River cruise to see the beautiful City from a great angle.

After the cruise they went to dinner to enjoy a typical French dinner of Beef Bouganville. 

Followed by a celebration for Rosie Silver's birthday!

So after being up for better than 36 hours and walking across Paris, they checked into the hotel, it was an immediate bed check and then lights out!..................there were no complaints!

.....more tomorrow

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