Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Today started at 6:30 AM!

(Was supposed to start at 6:00….there were some “waking issues”….three got a bit of a later start (phones didn't ring and they did not hear the phone in their room....they did, however, hear Mrs. Bonaldo's pounding on the door, lol), and had to hurry, in true keystone cop style of packing and waking, to get on the bus so the group did not miss customs, immigration and most importantly, the TRAIN! The three ladies who overslept all that cleaned up and changed in the bathroom at the train station, which,  I might add was cleaner than ours!)

Early call makes for on bus naps!

Once arrival at the train station, 

.......apparently WITH their luggage, apparently)
 and waited to get on the train.  But, once they were on the train for 2 1/2 hours most of them slept the whole way the rest never shut up they were singing and playing music and having a good time.

Once in London they loaded luggage en route to the hotel… then got on the Piccadilly Tube line (sounds much more elegant than the A-train on the subway!) to Covent Garden.

Had lunch and free time.  Mrs. Maher pointed out that so far the adults have spent money on nothing but food.

I am sure they could've fit more than 3!

....of course they found a Shake Shack!

They then met up with our tour guide who was hilarious from Yorkshire her name is Sarah....  She wore glittery socks and was really fun.

Them excellent lady driver very very sweet and very patient. They took a three hour tour (who hears a theme sing) of London in incredible traffic. Then she very wisely let them all off so that they could get some caffeine when she noticed that the bus was comatose and the adults were knocking themselves out hitting their heads against the window trying to stay awake! The result of an early wake-up.  She was really good sport about it and totally understood. 

Queen Victoria memorial outside Buckingham Palace.

Big Ben and Parliament

 Outside the palace gates

She then took us back to the hotel.  Gave out the room assignments and went off to dinner.  

Dinner was in a real English pub… And by the size of the crowd the prices must've been really good! Waitstaff was very nice and they feasted upon grilled chicken mashed potatoes green beans peas and carrots sounded like leftovers but they were all very good. We also found out which of our children do not eat their vegetables!  After dinner dessert was served which was a sinful chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup on top absolutely incredible!


Then they celebrated Amahdi's 16th birthday and sang to her! 

 After that they headed back to the hotel first stopping at a bodega where the chaperones treated the kids to snacks and soda for tonight and tomorrow night.

Tomorrow could there be a royal sighting?

Stay tuned............

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